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If you are interested in renting our apartments or have general questions about the rental, please send an email to:  Please tell us the begining and ending dates of your occupancy and the number of people.  Also, please provide your contact information.    


  1. At the latest  24 h  after you submit a query, we will send you a reply on the availability of the apartments, as well as the bank account number to which you can pay a deposit.  This is considered our offer.
  2. The offer is valid 24 h from the moment when we confirm that an apartment is available.
  3. You may accept the offer either by telephone or e-mail.  From the moment when you accept the offer, you have an additional 24 h to pay the deposit.  


  1. During the time period under point 3 above you should pay a minimum deposit of 20% of the full price of your stay in the apartment.  Immediately after the payment please notify the owners of your payment either by telephone or e-mail. 
  2. The rest of the amount, as well as residence tax, is due to the owners at the latest 24 h after you start using the apartment.
  3. In case the guest decides not to use the apartments, the owner reserves the right to keep the deposit. 

Contact:  Ivan Širović

Put Tunjare 58, HR-21222 Marina
Phone: ++385 21 889 648    Mar 25 till Oct 1
Phone: ++385 1 6674 902    Jan 1 till Mar 24 and Oct 2 till Dec 31
Mobile: ++385 98 908 8354   any time