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If during your vacation you would like to participate in activities other than swimming and sunbathing, you are in luck!  Marina's vicinity offers a great variety of choices: visits of small, historic towns, large cities, or beautiful natural parks that offer activities ranging from simple explorations on foot, to boat rides, SCUBA diving, or rock climbing. 

Trogir entranceTrogir - located only 14 km from Marina                                                                                         
Trogir is a historic little town under the protection of UNESCO, situated on a small island between the mainland and the island of
Čiovo.  Besides the city walls, towers, and the fort Kamerlengo, Trogir is well known for the main entrance to its cathedral, which was chiseled by Master Radovan in the begining of the 13th century.

PrimostenPrimošten - distance15 km
(web page currently not available in English)
šten features one of several neigboring dive shops, which offer organized diving trips to the nearby islands and attractions.  This is also the location of the biggest night club in central Dalmatia - Aurora.

Split panoramaSplit - distance 40 km
This second largest city in Croatia extends from the walls of a palace that was built by the Roman emperor Diocletian more than 1700 years ago.  The palace still serves as the center of the city and offers lots of opportunities for pleasant evening strolls.  Split is also your connection point to many islands, since ferries from its port serve daily all the bigger islands of central and southern Dalmatia.

Šibenik cathedral
sibenska katedralaŠibenik - distance 45 km (web page currently not available in English)
Šibenik is also situated around the walls of an ancient city, although it is somewhat younger than Split.  Built between the 11th and 16th centuries, within the walls you can find the forts of St. Nicholas, St. John and Šubićevac, the homes of ancient Croatian nobility.  The cathedral of Saint Jacob, located on the main square, was built in the 15th and 16th centuries. 

National park Slapovi Krke - distance 50 km
This protected section of the river Krka includes numerous waterfalls (for a total vertical drop of over 240 m), big and small lakes, little islands,
Viševac Monastery, old mills, etc.  The park service organizes daily boat excursions, and swimming under the falls is a favorite activity in the park.

National park Kornati - boat departure for the N.P. is possible from Primošten (15 km) or Vodice (50 km)
National park Kornati encompasses 89 islands, islets and rocky outcroppings.  The area has a very interesting geomorphology and its marine ecosystem is extremely rich.  This is mostly a marine park, as 3/4 of the protected area are underwater, and therefore it is a popular diving destination.  The park can only be reached by boat, with departured from several towns along the coast.

National park Paklenica -  distance 160 km
This park at the foot of Velebit mountain stretches along a narrow canyon.  The canyon walls are a very popular climbing spot, but one can also enjoy pleasant hikes along a couple of streams,
Velika and Mala Paklenica, into the depths of the canyon.  Park is rich in typical karst geological formations such as "škrape" (holes), "žlibe" (you'll have to see it to find out what it is!) and "špilje" (caves).

  Cetina canyon and Omi
Cetina estuary River Cetina - distance 65 km
River Cetina, its tributaries along the inland plain, and the canyon at its delta in Omiš can be a great discovery for lovers of natural contrasts.  Activities by and on the river include rafting and rock climbing.  Sinj, the biggest town in the area, is the place to see  the ancient game "Alka" unfold every August.

It is also possible to take a day trip to
Dubrovnik as well as some of the central Dalmatian islands. 
The owner can provide driving services to all these locations at a specially arranged price.

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